Basic Info

or vee 18 they/bun pan mexican enby aquarius eng/spa OK!

i Like

my love byounggon ( ◠‿◠ ) kirby, sanrio, pc collecting, deco, soobin noises, yeonjuns aotm

coding, minecraft, and plushies!


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To Know

main/priv, req ok when priv, self proclaimed cixpopper... like cix over everyone, i mainly talk about cixtxt and friends, i tweet ab txt in spanish a lot soz, i dont take kpop seriosly unless its about me ults esp cix, i send dts sometimes... <3

Go Away

u fit basic dfi criteria, stay/engene, omg or sf9 supporter, ot8 or ot9 hiyyih biased kep1 enjoyer, ship idols seriously, put kpop above morals, nsfw kpop stan, ship/sexualize txt... GET A JOB.
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tomorrow x together cix

bts twice itzy xdh loona stayc

ive justb billie p1h dreamnote le sserafim nct dream


BxYeonjun & Soobin

Yonghee Yoongi Bahiyyih Dahyun Momo Junhan Gaon Chaeryeong Chuu Yoon Sieun Wonyo Rei Doyum Tsuki Haruna Jiung Miso Chaewon Sunwoo


I change the look of my carrd a lot but most of the info is the same ^__^
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